Planned Parenthood Sued for Allegedly Ignoring Statutory Rape

Parents of a young woman who was 14 years old when she received an abortion in 2004 are suing Planned Parenthood for allegedly ignoring evidence of statutory rape. Their daughter, “Jane Roe”, was accompanied by an unrelated 21-year-old man, who claimed to be her step-brother, when she sought an abortion without parental consent.

The parents claim that a 14 year old female accompanied by a 21-year-old male should have raised red flags with the Planned Parenthood staff of possible statutory rape. The parents’ attorney says Planned Parenthood should be required to release records for other underage girls who have already received abortions without parental consent to authorities because girls may have been subject to victimization as a result of statutory rape, according to Dispatch Policy Report.

Parental verification is an issue in this year’s election due to a ballot measure in California, Proposition 4. If it is passed, it will require a 48-hour parental notification period if a woman under 18 years old seeks an abortion. While the initiative requires notification, it would not prevent doctors from performing abortions because of parental opposition.


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