Poll Indicates Women have Stronger Economic Concerns than Men

Women are feeling the impact of economic instability and rising costs more than men, according to a new poll released Wednesday. The poll was conducted by Peter D. Hart Research Associates for the National Women’s Law Center and surveyed 1,001 women and 307 men. Overall margin of error was plus or minus 2.8 percentage points.

Findings cover a broad range of topics. Women respondents were much more likely (59% of female and 46% of male respondents) to be concerned about achieving “economic and financial goals over the next five years”. 77% of women respondents rated equal pay protections as “extremely” or “very” important and 75% favor “increasing government funding to ensure that parents have access to quality child care and early education.”

The National Women’s Law Center also released a comprehensive agenda, entitled “A Platform for Progress” (see PDF) that seeks to “help women and their families reach their potential and lead economically secure lives”. Their agenda aims to better support women in the workplace, build economic security, improve women’s health and education, and guarantee equal rights. Among other legislative goals, the agenda seeks to pass the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, the Paycheck Fairness Act, and the Fair Pay Act.


Peter D. Hart Research Associates, Inc. Memorandum, 8/5/08; National Women's Law Center “A Platform for Progress”

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