Poll Shows Voters Like Gore on Issues

A NY Times/CBS News Poll shows that, despite recent suggestions that voters see no distinction between Vice President Al Gore and Texas Governor George Bush, Americans recognize “pronounced differences” on how the candidates would approach certain important issues, including health care, the environment and abortion. Voters also distinguish the two candidates’ leadership qualities, although over half the poll’s respondents felt the contrast between Gore and Bush was “more about issues than about personal qualities.” A focus on the issues could prove rewarding for Gore, as voters feel Gore is much more likely than Bush to ensure abortion rights through pro-choice Supreme Court appointments, to enact measures to protect the environment, and to provide affordable health care.

The July 25th poll shows Bush leading Gore 46 percent to 40 percent, although other recent polls have Gore closing the gap (See Feminist News, July 19). While 66 percent of those polled felt Bush was a good leader, compared to only 55 percent who said that of Gore, Gore received high marks for integrity and character, and is no longer linked, in voters’ minds, to the Clinton scandal, which Republicans had hoped would hurt Gore’s presidential chances.


New York Times - 25 July, 2000

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