Population Action International and International NGOs criticize USAID Contraception Ban

Last week’s USAID decision regarding Marie Stopes International (MSI), one of the world’s leading family planning organizations, is drawing criticism from prominent international organizations. The USAID decision instructs several African nations to halt US funded contraception supplies to MSI. According to a , Population Action International and the European NGOs for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Population and Development (EuroNGOs) are urging governments to challenge the decision and are encouraging affected African nations to reject the USAID decision.

Amy Coen, president and CEO of Population Action International, addressed the move’s effects: “This directive will prevent poor women in many African countries from accessing much needed pregnancy care and modern contraceptives—both important health services that we take for granted in the United States, but that are often out of reach for women in Africa” according to Population Action International.

According to last week’s USAID statement, the policy decision was made because MSI also works with the Chinese government. The government is known to use “coercive abortion and involuntary sterilizations.” MSI denies being part of these government actions. Though MSI does not receive direct assistance from the US, this decision would prevent MSI from receiving the most indirect forms of US government aid, according to Population Action International.


Feminist Daily Newswire 10/2/2008, Population Action International 10/3/2008

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