Possibility of Woman President Growing in Hemisphere

A recent Gallup survey asked people living in the major cities of Brazil, Columbia, Mexico and El Salvador whether they think their countries will elect a female president in the next 20 years. Two-thirds of respondents said yes. Seventy-nine percent of El Salvadoran respondents saw their nation electing a woman in the next 20 years; Brazil and Columbia followed with 77 percent. The Gallup survey explored the issue of women in politics, asking respondents whether they felt government would be improved if more women were elected to office. Survey participants answered that they feel women are better than men at many political tasks. Eighty-four percent noted that women are better at promoting women’s rights; 72 percent said women would do a better job improving education, and 64 percent trusted women to do a better job protecting the environment. Other issues where women fared better than men included reducing poverty, managing the economy, combating corruption, and diplomatic relations.


Washington Post - January 6, 2001

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