Prescribe Choice Hits Fever Pitch: Emergency Contraception Action Day and More Activism!

The Feminist Majority Foundation’s Emergency Contraception Over-the-Counter (ECOTC) campaign is petitioning the Food and Drug Administration to allow women to access EC over the counter without a prescription so that it can be easily and quickly accessible to all women in the United States. The December 7th National Day of Action for the ECOTC Campaign was a success! Students across the country took part in a collective action, petitioning and educating their communities about the campaign to show support for EC. Outreaching to their community, the TEXAS WOMAN’S UNIVERSITY FMLA collected over one hundred signatures for our petition to the Food and Drug Administration. FMF interns, volunteers, and campus staff in our Washington D.C. area collected 461 EC OTC signatures while petitioning a high traffic marketplace. Over the course of the semester, the UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA FMLA collected over 600 signatures while tabling for the ECOTC campaign. At their annual “Freedom Fest” concert fundraiser, the SUNY STONY BROOK raised over $1500 to processing rape kits at a local hospital and educated for increased access to Emergency Contraception for rape and sexual assault survivors. According to Christine Tanaka, FMLA leader, “It was an amazing event… the turnout was great and everyone was just really enthusiastic.” The group also collected ECOTC petitions during the event and sold t-shirts, bumper stickers, and buttons. Feminists across the country continue to keep up the struggle to make EC available over-the-counter! Post this online petition to your listserv and recommend the petition to your friends. Check out the new Campus Health Center Survey to affect Campus Health Center Policy. For further assistance, contact the ECOTC Coordinator.

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