President Barack Obama Accepts Democratic Nomination

President Barack Obama officially accepted the Democratic Part’s nomination for re-election last night in Charlotte, North Carolina.

In accepting the nomination, the President stated “If you give up on the idea that your voice can make a difference, then other voices will fill the void: lobbyists and special interests; the people with the $10 million checks who are trying to buy this election and those who are making it harder for you to vote; Washington politicians who want to decide who you can marry, or control health care choices that women should make for themselves.”

Earlier this week Lilly Ledbetter, Michelle Obama and Sandra Fluke spoke on the possible effects the November 2012 election will have on equal pay, education, and abortion access. The Democratic Party also officially adopted their 2012 platform that supports abortion access, the Equal Rights Amendment, and same-sex marriage, among other planks.

Media Resources: Huffington Post 9/6/12; Feminist Newswire 9/6/12, 9/5/12, 9/4/12

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