President Clinton Honors World Cup Winners at White House

On Monday, the President, the First Lady, and Al and Tipper Gore praised the U.S. Women’s World Cup Soccer Team on the South Lawn. They celebrated the success of the team with a luncheon honoring the triumph of both women’s soccer and women’s sports.

Clinton, who attended the final match at the Rose Bowl stadium in Pasadena, California, said that he was overjoyed by the accomplishments of the team and had never been so excited by a sporting event. He commended individual members for their hard work and dedication to the sport, as well as for their contributions to the final game. He noted that “These women have sent a signal loud and clear to millions and millions and millions of girls that they can follow their dreams.”

Hillary Clinton added, “It was really about changing the (gender) roles once and for all.” Both the Clintons and the Gores agreed that Title IX, which provides equal opportunities for women and men in sports, has had an incredible impact on the rise of women’s athletics.

On a final note, President Clinton stated that he is thrilled about the momentum women’s sporting events are gaining worldwide. The Women’s World Cup Championship game was watched by more than 90,000 fans — the most-watched women’s athletic event in U.S. history.


Nando Times - July 20, 1999

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