President Issues Memorandum Supporting Global Gender Equality

Yesterday, President Obama released a memorandum calling for an increased push from executive departments towards achieving equality for women and girls worldwide.

In his memorandum, President Obama wrote “Promoting gender equality and advancing the status of all women and girls around the world remains one of the greatest unmet challenges of our time, and one that is vital to achieving our overall foreign policy objectives. Ensuring that women and girls, including those most marginalized, are able to participate fully in public life, are free from violence, and have equal access to education, economic opportunity, and health care increases broader economic prosperity, as well as political stability and security.”

The memorandum also calls for the Secretary of State to designate an “Ambassador at Large” that shall “provide guidance and coordination with respect to global policies and programs for women and girls, and shall lead efforts to promote an international focus on gender equality more broadly,” and could also assist with developing new policies that advance women’s rights and girls’ rights domestically and abroad.


Office of the Press Secretary 1/30/2013

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