President’s Approval Ratings at All-Time Low

A CBS poll released yesterday indicates that President George Bush now has the lowest approval ratings of his presidency, and approval ratings for Vice-President Dick Cheney and Congress are also remarkably low. Only 34 percent of Americans approve of Bush’s general performance, and 53 percent of Americans have an unfavorable view of Bush himself, also a new low for his presidency. Americans’ views on Cheney have plummeted to an only 18 percent favorable rating.

The poll further found that 61 percent of Americans disapprove of Congress’ job performance. This number is lower than the approval ratings found during either President Clinton’s Lewinsky scandal or the months following September 11. Strikingly, it is most similar to the numbers polled in early 1994, just before Democrats lost control of Congress. This may indicate a public ready to end current Republican dominance in Congress in the upcoming midterm elections.


CBS News Poll 2/27/06

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