Press Conference to Condemn Rape, Murder of Asian Women by U.S. Servicemen

Women from the Philippines, Korea, Japan, and the U.S. will share their stories about the rape, murder, and sexual exploitation of women by U.S. military servicemen stationed in Asia at a press conference scheduled for 10am on Friday at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

The press conference, which is part of a larger conference of the East Asia/U.S. Women’s Network Against Militarism, will also condemn the harmful effects of the United States’ bloated military budget. Other conference activities will include a Congressional briefing, meetings at the State Department and the Department of Justice, public appearances, and visits with various Washington-area organizations and universities.

Yu Jin Jeong of the National Campaign for the Eradication of Crime by U.S. Troops in Korea, said “The U.S. Army displays a certain arrogance in claiming that it came here to protect Korea and yet disrespects Korean citizens.” Suzuyo Takazata of Okinawan Women Act Against Military Violence offered this observation. “Prostitution and rape are the military system’s outlets for pent up aggression and methods of maintaining control and discipline–the target being local community women.”


Asia Pacific Center for Justice and Peace - October 6, 1998

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