Pro-Choice Activists Protest Karen Hughes’ Remarks

Abortion rights supporters held demonstrations at several book tour stops by Karen Hughes in the last two days. At issue were remarks by Hughes, one of President Bush’s campaign advisors, who in an interview with CNN implied that people who are pro-choice have the same values as terrorists. Yesterday, members of the Agnes Scott College Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance, along with several members of Planned Parenthood and college alumni, demonstrated at a book signing and lecture by Hughes. The students, many of whom attended the massively successful March for Women’s Lives, were demanding an apology for Hughes’ remarks. Upon hearing Hughes’ comments on CNN on April 25, Eleanor Smeal, president of the Feminist Majority, immediately sent a letter to Hughes asking her to clarify or retract her statement, and demanded an apology. “This kind of cynical, ugly and mean-spirited partisan rhetoric not only demeans those who attended the March, but also the vast majority of Americans who support reproductive health and abortion rights,” wrote Smeal. On Monday, a group of more than 50 abortion rights supporters, many of whom were members of the local Planned Parenthood affiliates, protested Hughes’ book tour stop in Tampa, Florida. READ THE FULL TEXT of Eleanor Smeal’s letter to Karen Hughes READ ELEANOR SMEAL’S STATEMENT on Hughes’ response to criticism by pro-choice leaders DONATE to protect abortion rights


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