Pro-Choice Forces Win Big Against State Measures

All three anti-choice state ballot measures were defeated on Tuesday. South Dakota’s draconian abortion ban lost for the second time, 55%-45%. Despite efforts by the anti forces to make the ban appear more moderate, the South Dakota Medical Association and pro=choice forces were able to successfully reveal that the ban was essentially complete, would endanger women’s health and lives, and placed doctors at risk for a 10 year jail sentence.

In Colorado, the “fetal personhood” initiative went down in a massive (73% – 27%) defeat. The extreme that would have given fertilized eggs personhood under the Colorado constitution was simply viewed as going “too far” and would have threatened the health and life of women, stem cell research, and in vitro fertilization.

In California anti-choice parental notification Proposition 4 was defeated for the third time, 52.4% to 47.6% despite, again, anti-choice efforts to deceptively word the initiative.

In all three initiative drives the Feminist Majority Foundation organized college campuses. “Anti-abortion extremists should catch on that their efforts are not only failing to fool the public, but are creating a backlash. They are simply going too far,” said Eleanor Smeal, president of the Feminist Majority Foundation. “Our organizing efforts are growing with each new initiative.”


Feminist Majority Foundation

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