Pro-Choice Supporters Rally in Mississippi

Pro-choice forces held a rally on Saturday in Mississippi to counter a week of planned protests by the anti-abortion group Operation Save America (formerly Operation Rescue). The rally, held in a park directly across from the Governor’s mansion, featured Kim Gandy, president of the National Organization for Women (NOW); Nancy Kohsin-Kintigh of the Feminist Majority Foundation; and Michelle Colon, president of Jackson NOW. The Feminist Majority Foundation has been working with local activists and the Jackson clinic, providing emergency resources.

Operation Save America (OSA) is targeting the Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the last remaining clinic in Mississippi, to make Mississippi “the first ‘abortion-free’ state in America.” Flip Benham, the director of OSA, has said “We will not wait for the President, Congress, or the Supreme Court to end abortion.”

The pro-choice rally was evacuated following the speaking program when police received a bomb threat. “This is what abortion providers are dealing with on a daily basis,” said Kohsin-Kintigh.

DONATE to help save the only remaining women’s health clinic in Mississippi that provides abortions.


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