Pro-Choice T-Shirts and Undecided Voters Not Welcome at Bush Rallies

Last week a family of three in Michigan was kicked out of a rally for President Bush because they were wearing feminist and pro-choice T-shirts. First, Barbara Miller’s pro-choice T-shirt was confiscated as they attempted to enter Wendler Arena to hear President Bush speak at a rally, The Saginaw News reports. Later, after the Miller family had been seated, the same campaign worker who had taken their shirt arrived with a coworker and a security guard to escort the family out before the rally began. According to The Saginaw News, Theresa Miller, 19, was wearing a Feminist Majority T-shirt with the slogan “This is what a feminist looks like” printed on the front. “I’m not an American? I can’t see my president?” Theresa asked, according to The Saginaw News. Her mother added, “This is democracy under Bush.” Similarly, the Republican National Committee has been requiring citizens who want to see Bush speak sign an oath of loyalty before receiving tickets for entry at rallies across the country. According to The Washington Post, people wishing to obtain tickets in late July to an event at which Vice President Cheney was scheduled to speak were required to put their endorsement in writing if they could not be readily identified as contributors to, or volunteers for, the GOP. The Albuquerque Journal reports that the RNC turned away undecided voters who were interested in hearing Cheney speak. TAKE ACTION Get your own “This is what a feminist looks like” T-shirt while supplies last! JOIN the Feminist Majority


Albuquerque Journal 7/31/04; Washington Post 8/1/04; Saginaw News 8/6/04

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