Pro-Life America Network Director Nominated to MS Board of Health

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant (R) announced that he has nominated Terri Herring to the state’s Board of Health Wednesday. Bryant nominated her because she has “committed her life to women’s health care and the right to life.” Herring is a director of the Pro-Life America Network in addition to being president of the Mississippi Choose Life Advisory Committee.

Mississippi state law requires that the Board of Health must be comprised of five currently licensed physicians and six individuals with a background or interest in public health. Herring was nominated as the latter. Her appointment, if confirmed, would have a six year term.

Using a state’s Board of Health to control abortion regulations is a strategy that has been successful in the past. The Virginia Board of Health passed Targeted Regulations of Abortion Providers (TRAP) Laws earlier this year that are harsh regulations that could force abortion providers in Virginia to meet the building codes of new hospitals or face closure. Last year, the Kansas Board of Healing Arts voted to revoke the license of abortion provider Dr. Ann Neuhaus over allegations that she did not provide adequate mental health exams on patients she referred to the late Dr. George Tiller for late abortions. Dr. Neuhaus maintains that she provided proper exams, and critics of the decision have said that the investigation and subsequent ruling were the result of anti-abortion sentiments

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