Professor Mary Daly Settles Suit with Boston College

One day before going to trial, professor Mary Daly agreed to settle her lawsuit against her former employer of 25 years, Boston College. Daly was suing the college for breach of contract after the tenured professor was removed from the faculty without due process. Daly’s ordeal began in 1999 when she refused to admit male students into her advanced feminist theory course despite an ultimatum by college officials. Daly argued that the performance of her female students would be inhibited by the presence of male students, citing her experience that male students of feminist theory dominate the classroom with discussions about their own feelings, lack of understanding and arguments. Her stance resulted in a lawsuit by two male students connected with the right wing organization Center for Individual Rights who claimed sex discrimination. Boston College reacted to the lawsuits by removing Daly from the faculty and falsely claiming she had agreed to retire.


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