Progressive Groups Oppose Alito Nomination

In the hours after President Bush’s nomination of Judge Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court, many progressive groups have announced their opposition to this far-right Supreme Court nominee. Alito has demonstrated hostility to women’s rights, civil rights, workers’ rights, separation of church and state, and privacy rights. Feminist Majority President Eleanor Smeal said, “Instead of reaching out to women and/or people of color to make the Supreme Court more diverse and representative, Bush has slammed the door in the face of women and minorities. He has appointed a man who would turn back the clock on women’s rights and civil rights.”

Kim Gandy, president of the National Organization for Women, called Alito’s extreme far-right judicial philosophy “distinctly outside the mainstream.” Feminist Majority and the National Organization for Women have announced their opposition to Alito, as have Planned Parenthood, People for the American Way, National Abortion Federation, National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association, and NARAL Pro-Choice America. More groups are planning to announce opposition later this week.


Feminist Majority, 10/31/05; Human Rights Campaign, 10/31/05; National Organization for Women, 10/31/05; Planned Parenthood Federation of America, 10/31/05

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