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‘Progressive Vanguard’ of LGBT Voters Showed Up for Democratic Primaries

Even though LGBT people make up about 4.5 percent of the entire US population, they made up more than 9 percent of voters who turned out for the Democratic primary elections. The “disproportionately high number” of LGBT voters who turned out were both younger and more liberal than non-LGBT voters in the primaries, according to data from an NBD News Exit Poll with data from 18 states that have already held their primary election.

 When LGBT Democratic primary voters were asked what “candidate qualities” they sought in a 2020 potential, 36 percent of LGBT voters said they wanted a person who “can bring about change,” 27 percent said somebody who “can unite the country,” while 26 percent said a candidate who “cares about people like me,” and 8 percent voiced their desire for “a fighter.”

Other demographics within this powerful 9 percent of voters, includes ages generally under 44 years of age (64 percent), and self-identified ideology of “liberal” (79 percent). 72 percent of LGBT Democratic primary voters were in support of “Medicare for All.” Additionally, when asked about President Trump, 83 percent described their feelings as “angry,” while 13 percent said they were “dissatisfied.”

After the 2016 election, results from an NBC News Exit Poll found that 78 percent of LGBT voters voted for Hillary Clinton, while 14 percent chose Trump. These voters come from California, Florida, Texas, New York in the highest numbers. Though there are many factors to be considered within this voting population, it’s clear that if LGBT voters continue to turn out in such high numbers, they will have the ability to create change in the 2020 election.

Sources: NBC 03/11/2020; NBC 11/15/16

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