Promise Keepers Seek Domination of U.S. Politics

Despite Promise Keepers claims that their organization is not political, more and more evidence reveals their far-right religious agenda to control U.S. politics and impose their Christian views on the nation.

Founder Bill McCartney has told followers to “take this nation for Jesus Christ!” and said that they would contend for “truth” in the schools and legislatures. He fought for a Colorado bill that banned civil rights for homosexuals, a law later overturned by the Supreme Court for its unconstitutionality. In a popular book sold at Promise Keepers rallies, author (and financial backer of PK) Bill Bright says that Christians must become “actively involved in restoring every facet of society, including government, to the biblical value of our Founding Fathers.” Bright insists that the U.S. needs to be turned over “to God, from the top down, where our laws are made.” PK board member Rev. James Ryle believes that the PK are an army made to destroy sinners and non-Christians, prophesised in the Bible.

Intolerance of other religions and viewpoints is a hallmark of Promise Keepers tenets. At a PK rally, Jerry Falwell said “It appears that America’s anti-Biblical feminist movement is at last dying, thank God, and it is possibly being replaced by a Christ-centered men’s movement.”


Houston Chronicle - October 1, 1997

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