Promise Keepers Sued for “Unethical” Practices

Event production company Encore Productions has sued the right-wing Christian men’s group Promise Keepers for “unfair, deceptive, unmoral, unethical, unscrupulous” and “oppressive” business practices.

Encore claims that an employee or ally of Promise Keepers videotaped Encore’s activities at 1998 conferences and then stole its techniques for staging huge stadium revivals that draw large numbers of men. Plaintiffs allege that Promise Keepers contracted for Encore’s services in 1997 but soon hired one of Encore’s subcontractors after the group encountered financial troubles late that same year. Encore also claims that the subcontractor violated an agreement that it would not attempt to compete for Encore’s customers.

National groups including the Feminist Majority, the National Organization for Women, People for the American Way, and the Unitarian Universalists joined together in opposition to the theocratic, misogynistic message of the Promise Keepers. The group advocates male leadership of families and encourages women to “submit” and “surrender” to their husband’s leadership. While claiming to be apolitical, the leadership and mission of the Promise Keepers has consistently supported anti-abortion, anti-affirmative action, and anti-lesbian and gay legislation.

FMF Press Release on Promise Keepers


Nando Media - January 8, 1999

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