Prosecutor to Seek Death Penalty for Murder of Gay Couple

McGregor Scott, District Attorney for California’s Shasta County, has announced his intention to seek the death penalty for two brothers accused of murdering a gay couple. Scott explained his decision, commenting that a “significant amount of planning” preceded the two murders.

Brothers Benjamin Matthew Williams, 31, and James Tyler Williams, 29 are accused of plotting the murder of Matson and Mowder out of hatred for their sexual orientation. Benjamin Williams admitted to shooting the men but alleges that he is “not guilty of murder” but guilty of “obeying the laws of the Creator.” He claims that his younger brother was not present at the time of the murders.

Gary Matson, 50, and Winfield Mowder, 40 were robbed and then shot to death in their home on July 1st.


AP - November 23, 1999

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