Protests Against Dr. Laura Continue

KARE-TV in Golden Valley, Minnesota became the site of a rally on Sunday, July 30, to protest the station’s announcement that it will air Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s upcoming television show. “Dr. Laura” has aired her views about homosexuality on her radio show, calling gays and lesbians “deviant” and a “biological error.” Her web site (www.drlaura.com) describes the purpose of her show as the dissemination of morals, and includes links to various organizations that support Dr. Laura’s show, including the Rabbinical Alliance of America, an organization that protested the US Holocaust Museum for its inclusion of gay victims of the Holocaust. According to the Associated Press, 300 protestors gathered outside Minnesota’s KARE, vowing to boycott businesses that advertise during the show. Paramount, the studio producing the show, has been the target of much protest (www.stopdrlaura.com) since earlier this year, when it announced that it would air radio personality Dr. Laura on TV. Upcoming protests of local carriers of Dr. Laura’s show include Denver (8/13), Tucson (8/20), and Austin (TBA). Visit www.stopdrlaura.com for more information.


Associated Press, Arts and Leisure - July 31, 2000

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