Protests Break Out in India After Sexual Assault of a Minor

Protests are breaking out across New Delhi, India after a seven year old girl was sexually assaulted while at school. The minor was attacked Thursday while at a school run by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD). Delhi chief minister Shelia Dikshit said, “The incident is inhuman and shameful. It is a shocking incident. The municipal corporation must strengthen their existing security infrastructure in the schools.”

No arrests have been made, leading to accusations that the police have not been acting quickly enough. Protests broke out the next day outside the Sanjay Gandhi hospital where the young girl was treated after her attack. The protesters threw stones at police and damaged buses.

Sexual assault has been an issue garnering attention in India ever since the brutal gang rape and death of a 23-year-old female medical student. The incident sparked protests across the country. These large protests and demonstrations have voiced anger regarding the treatment of women in India and calling for tougher laws on violence against women. In India, the world’s largest democracy, a woman is estimated to be raped every twenty minutes, with Delhi being labeled the “rape capital,” according to the Associated Press.


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