Pryor Vote Postponed Over Questions About His Truthfulness

Yesterday, the Senate Judiciary Committee postponed a vote yet again on the nomination of far-right extremist William Pryor to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. Democrats called for a postponement in order to investigate new information that was brought to light after documents were given to them about Pryor‘s involvement in a Republican Attorneys General fundraising group, the New York Times reports. At issue, Democrats claim, is whether or not Pryor told the truth before the committee during his hearing on June 11. The Times went on to report that during the hearing, Pryor said that he was unaware that any of the companies he solicited personally did business in Alabama where he is Attorney General and would therefore be subject to regulation by his office. The documents obtained from the fundraising group seem to indicate otherwise, Democrats argue, and as a consequence warrant a postponement of a vote on Pryor’s nomination so bipartisan committee staff can investigate further. Republicans have rescheduled the vote for next week.

The Feminist Majority joins a large coalition of women’s rights, civil rights, environmental, church-state separation, disability, and lesbian and gay rights groups – including even the gay Republican Log Cabin group – in opposing Pryor. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that a total of 123 various groups have contacted the committee asking them to oppose confirmation of his nomination. Pryor opposes abortion rights to the point that he has called Roe v. Wade “the worst abomination of constitutional law in our history.” Furthermore, Pryor is a leader in the states’ rights movement, a movement that argues for the overturning of federal laws protecting women’s rights, civil rights, abortion rights, gay rights, and the environment because they believe such laws are unconstitutional.

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