Public Transportation Attempts to Block Pro-Choice Ads

Atlanta’s public transit agency MARTA recently refused to post paid advertising from the National Abortion Federation (NAF). The advertisements provided information about a hotline for abortion information and referrals, and were rejected by MARTA officials who cited their policy of “avoiding ads for controversial subjects.” However, U.S. District Judge Charles Pannell ruled last week that MARTA’s policy is too vague and has been applied inconsistently, noting that previous ads have been accepted concerning AIDS awareness, pregnancy counseling, and adoption services. NAF Executive Director Vicki Saporta commented that “It’s long overdue that the people in Atlanta have access to this information,” and NAF would like the ads displayed as soon as possible. MARTA officials have not yet stated if they will appeal the ruling. The Feminist Majority Foundation works closely with the National Abortion Federation through our National Clinic Access Project.


Kaiser Daily Reproductive Health Report - 14 June,

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