Randall Terry Ejected from Town Hall Meeting

Randall Terry, the founder of the militant anti-abortion group Operation Rescue, was ejected from a town hall meeting held by Representative Jim Moran (D-VA) and former governor Howard Dean (D-VT) on Tuesday night. The Virginia town hall was Randall Terry’s last stop on a ten-city tour, where he disrupted healthcare town halls.

Terry and several others were removed from the meeting after yelling “baby killer” repeatedly at Moran and Dean, reported Salon (see video). Representative Moran interrupted Dean’s opening remarks to ask the group to leave.

Prior to the event, Terry dressed in a lab coat and pretended to stab a woman who wore a grey wig. Several of his associates reportedly put on a skit in which a white man with an Obama mask acted as if he were whipping a woman, who continually said “Massa, don’t hit me no more. I got the money to kill the babies,” reported The Hill.


The Hill 8/26/09; YouTube 8/25/09; Salon 8/25/09

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