RAWA Urges UN to Restore Peace in Afghanistan

The Pakistan-based Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan issued a statement Monday urging the U.N. to take action to bring an end to Afghanistan’s decades-long civil war.

“If the U.N. really wants to restore peace to Afghanistan, it should first half supply of arms to the combatants,” read the statement. “Later, tangible moves should be made to prepare the ground for convening a broadly representative traditional Afghan jirga or assembly to form an interim government for organizing free elections,” the group advised.

RAWA condemned the Taliban and its northern opposition for blatantly violating women’s rights and “playing with the fate” of Afghan citizens. “We have firm faith that the supremacy of the killers of innocent people, of freedom, of democracy and women’s rights cannot endure forever,” concluded the RAWA statement.


RAWA press release and AFP - August 16-17, 1999

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