Re-Segregation of Raleigh School Prompts Outcry

The Raleigh school board recently decided to end its diversity policy in favor of establishing neighborhood schools, prompting much criticism and protest. The North Carolina NAACP, accusing the school board of re-segregation, filed a civil rights complaint.

Reverand Dr. William J. Barber, NC NAACP State President, stated, “The segregation of schools by socioeconomic status inevitably undermines our goal of high-quality experienced teachers for all students. By reducing the interaction between working-class Blacks and Whites, the re-segregation of schools stands to curtail the progress made by these groups to band together and focus on commonalities which affect all North Carolinians.”

On February 27, the North Carolina chapter of the NAACP will hold the Fourth Annual “Historic Thousands on Jones Street” People’s Assembly, which will focus on ending the re-segregation of Raleigh’s public schools.


NAACP Press Release 2/11; LA Times 2/5/11

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