Recruit, Recruit, Recruit: Tips for Mobilizing Campus Activists

For many of us, the school year has begun, providing a whole host of opportunities for bringing in new members through first-year orientations, student activities/group fairs, and tabling on campus. FeministCampus.org has tips for finding feminists on campus, a recruitment timetable, and tips for recruitment strategies, http://www.feministcampus.org/recruitment.asp. Feminist activists at the UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA AT RENO, who are in the process of chartering a Leadership Alliance on their campus, are planning to conduct a heavy recruitment drive next week. The students’ plans include participating in their campus annual club fair and tabling with Feminist Majority Foundation and Campus Program materials. Welcome to the Leadership Alliance Network! The AUBURN UNIVERSITY AT MONTGOMERY Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance kicked off the school year with a Pay Equity Bake Sale, raising over one hundred dollars and generating interest with over 150 sign-ups! The group has received seven hundred dollars to organize their next event, an Equality Day Luncheon and FundraiserÑwe look forward to hearing back from the group on this event.

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