Remote Control Used in Fatal Birmingham Clinic Bombing

Last Friday, federal agents announced new information regarding the January 29, 1998 fatal bombing of the New Women, All Women Health Care clinic in Birmingham, Alabama.

U.S. Attorney Doug Jones reported that the U.S. Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms had determined that the bomb used in the blast was detonated by remote control. Officials decided to release this information to prove that the bomber is a dangerous man who clearly intended to kill or maim his victims, and to dissuade anti-abortion activists from protecting Rudolph or alleging that Rudolph did not intend to hurt clinic staff.

Investigators believe that Rudolph watched the clinic from nearby and then detonated the bomb at the moment when he knew if could cause the most damage. The bomb exploded just as security guard Robert Sanderson leaned over to inspect what appeared to be a potted plant left outside the clinic. Sanderson was killed instantly, and clinic nurse Emily Lyons also suffered critical injuries.

“This is consistent with over evidence that we have of Mr. Rudolph being in the area. It is consistent with the witness reports that we’ve seen, and I think that it also would tell a great deal to the public about why we are spending so much time in the hunt for Eric Rudolph,” stated Jones.

Rudolph is also charged with bombing Atlanta Northside Family Planning Services, a gay nightclub called the Otherside Lounge, and Centennial Olympics park. Timers were used to detonate the bombs in these three locations.


Reuters - January 31, 1999

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