Report on FBI Reveals Inappropriate Sexual Behavior

The US Justice Department inspector general released a report last week citing several examples of inappropriate sexual behavior and racial comments by senior FBI managers. The report, according to the Washington Post, “reinforced earlier findings that the FBI has repeatedly let senior managers get away with egregious conduct while meting out harsher punishment to lower-level employees for similar behavior.”

The report reveals questionable behavior among FBI supervisors and lower level employees. According to the Washington Post, it outlines incidents involving high-ranking officials and special agents that could easily be offensive to both women and racial minorities. Some examples, reported by the Post, include a sexual relationship between a high ranking official and subordinates, the involvement of an official with prostitution during a training trip, lewd sexual remarks and jokes made by high ranking agents, and a racially and sexually offensive joke made by a lower ranking agent while teaching a training class.

Stephen M. Kohn, an attorney for John E. Roberts who alleged on CBS’s “60 Minutes” that internal investigations of misconduct had gone unnoticed, told the Post that the recent report outlines a “culture that [the FBI] has never addressed. They’ve known about these problems for years, both the FBI and the Justice Department, but they’ve done nothing to deal with it.”

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Sources: Washington Post 11/14/03; New York Times 11/14/03; US DOJ Federal Bureau of Investigation Press Release 11/13/03

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