Report Predicts Decline in Minority College Enrollment

The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education published a report that predicts a 50 to 80% drop in minority college enrollment if affirmative action is banned on campuses and SAT scores continue to carry a lot of weight. “The reality of standardized test scores is that they are not only culturally biased, but are biased against those persons of lower socioeconomic status,” said Percy Hintzen, UC-Berkeley African American Studies chair. The study said that the mean SAT scores at institutions like Yale and Caltech were unfair to blacks, since less than half of one percent of blacks meet the median scores for students to be accepted. At the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, applicants who receive less than 28 on the MCAT do not receive interviews; the median score for blacks is 23.5. Minority enrollment plummeted this fall at several Texas and California campuses after affirmative action was banned. The SAT also has been found to be biased against women.


Daily Californian - October 14, 1997

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