Report Shows Best and Worst G20 Countries for Girls

A global poll released yesterday found that of the G20 countries, India is the most dangerous country for girls and women’s rights and Canada offers the most protections. Experts, including aid workers, academics, health professionals, journalists, and development experts, were asked to rank the countries on six categories – quality of health, freedom from violence, participation in politics, work place opportunities, access to resources including education, and freedom from trafficking.

In an interview with Forbes, CEO of the Thompson Reuters Foundation and founder of TrustLaw, the group that conducted the survey, Monique Villa, said, “We think it’s a pity that the appalling treatment of women in some of the G20 countries won’t be discussed at the G20 summit in Mexico next week. Countries like Saudi Arabia, China, Russia and India, whose leaders will meet at Los Cabos, have international clout because of their economic potential but women are being left behind. These countries need to realize they can’t develop effectively if they continue to marginalize their female populations.”

The United States only ranked sixth in the poll, behind Canada, Germany, Britain, Australia, and France, because of the battles over reproductive rights and affordable healthcare. The five countries that were ranked lowest in the poll were India, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, South Africa, and Mexico.

TrustLaw Poll 6/13/12; Reuters 6/13/12; Forbes 6/13/12

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