Research on Multiple Uses for Mifepristone Moves Forward

Abortion Rights Mobilization (ARM) announced plans Wednesday to test mifepristone (the drug also known as RU 486) on cases of endometrial cancer and on inducing quicker labor in difficult childbirth. The organization has already begun tests on the effectiveness of mifepristone on brain tumors, and has received positive results.

ARM believes that use of mifepristone will aid in decreasing the number of cesarean births as well, which make up 25% of all births in the United States.

About 2,700 women have been treated with mifepristone for abortion in research trials in the US. ARM, who manufactures the drug in the US, has received a 97% success rate in their trials, an improvement on France’s 92%.

Other improvements have come in the dosage prescribed by ARM. While dosage of mifepristone in Europe stands at 600 mg, ARM has used 200 mg with equal success.

Fifteen nationwide hospitals and clinics will see 10,000 women treated with mifepristone, ARM has pledged. Targeted hospitals include New York’s Columbia-Presbyterian and Montefiore Hospitals.

ARM plans to continue distribution of mifepristone at no charge until commercial release of the drug is granted.


Abortion Rights Mobilization - October 14, 1998

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