Retired LAPD Deputy Chief Implicated in Son’s Drug Ring

Deputy Chief Maurice Moore, recently retired from the Los Angeles Police Department, has been implicated by an internal LAPD investigation in aiding his son’s multi-million dollar cocaine ring by helping to store, transport and launder hundreds of thousands of dollars in illicit profits. The LAPD based the report on internal investigation and interviews, as well as on extensive FBI documentation. Moore’s conduct first became suspect to the FBI in the mid-1990’s, and although former Chief Bernard Parks was notified of the investigation at the time, he nevertheless appointed Moore to be one of the key directors of the LAPD’s official inquiry into the Rampart police corruption scandal, which involved many of the same crimes the FBI accused Moore of committing. Police leaders have expressed outrage at the lack of action by the LAPD. Thomas Lorenzen, who wrote the LAPD’s report and is currently the police chief in Taos, New Mexico, said that Moore should have been fired based on the FBI’s information, and that Moore received special treatment based on his high-rank within the LAPD. Interim Chief Martin Pomeroy has requested further analysis before sustaining the six suggested allegations against Moore, which include money laundering and a violation of Department policy forbidding relationships with individuals involved in “an ongoing criminal enterprise.” Because the statute of limitations has run on most of the alleged crimes, the only real punishment of Moore would be an official LAPD reprimand.


LA Times, 09/13/02

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