Right-Wing Christian Groups Form Anti-Lesbian and Gay Alliance

A series of full-page ads appearing in The New York Times, The Washington Post, and USA Today described gays and lesbians as patients who can be healed through the help of God. Claiming they were inspired by Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott’s recent comparison between homosexuals and alcoholics, kleptomaniacs, and sex addicts, a coalition of 15 conservative groups has also tried to block the nomination of James Hormel to the position of Ambassador to Luxembourg because he is gay and has lobbied Congress to reverse President Clinton’s executive order banning sexual orientation discrimination in federal hiring.

The anti-lesbian and gay coalition is comprised of political organizations such as the Christian Coalition and the Family Research Council. White House spokesperson Mike McCurry said, “I don’t know whether they think gay bashing is good politics. But there’s some that apparently act like they believe it.” He added that his main concern was that the statements made by the religious right “might have the effect of giving comfort to those who really have feelings of hatred and prejudice.”

Progressive groups quickly responded to the anti-homosexual campaign by purchasing their own full-page ads that will run in today’s papers.


The Washington Post - July 15, 1998 and Reuters -July 15, 1998]

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