Roeder Attorneys Seek New Trial

Attorneys for Scott Roeder, who was convicted last month in the murder of abortion provider George Tiler, MD, asked for a new trial yesterday. According to the Associated Press, the lawyers cited a number of reasons for a new trial, including a decision by Judge Warren Wilbert during the trial that prevented jurors from considering a voluntary manslaughter charge. In late January, Scott Roeder was found guilty of first degree murder in the May 2009 death of Dr. Tiller by a unanimous jury after 40 minutes of deliberation. The jury also found Roeder guilty of two counts of aggravated assault because he threatened two witnesses immediately following the murder. Executive Vice President Katherine Spillar stated after the conviction, “Roeder’s own words on the stand revealed that his ‘sidewalk counseling’ outside the clinic was a cover for his surveillance of Dr. Tiller’s ‘comings and goings’ and an opportunity to determine Tiller’s and the clinic’s vulnerabilities.” She continued, “Roeder’s testimony, during questioning by District Attorney Nola Foulston, opened the door wide for the Department of Justice to establish that there was a broader conspiracy to murder Dr. Tiller and other abortion providers. Now it is time for the federal Department of Justice to act.” Arguments on Roeder’s attorney’s petition will be heard in March. Sentencing is currently scheduled for March 9.


Associated Press 2/8/10; Feminist Daily Newswire 1/29/10

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