Ruling in Nigerian Stoning Case Expected Next Week

An Islamic appeals court is expected to issue a ruling in the case of Safiya Hussaini, a Nigerian women sentenced to death by stoning for allegedly committing adultery, on March 25. Hussaini is the first woman to be sentenced to death by stoning under the Nigerian state of Sokoto’s Islamic sharia law. Defense lawyers are using every technicality and legal argument possible under sharia law in order to save Hussaini’s life. The most promising argument, noted by the chief Islamic judge presiding over the appeal, is that sharia law came into effect after Hussaini allegedly committed her crime. Hussaini, however, is still in danger of being buried in sand up to her neck before being stoned to death.

TAKE ACTION: Nigerian Islamic Court Decides Woman’s Fate March 25: Prevent Stoning Sentence


Associated Press, 3/18/02; Feminist Majority

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