Ryan Budget Goes To Vote Tomorrow

The Ryan Budget is scheduled to be voted on by the House tomorrow. The House Republican’s budget severely impacts domestic programs that women and people of color rely on while undoing major victories that occurred during the Obama Administration’s first term.

The Ryan budget would repeal the 2010 Affordable Care Act, which prohibits insurance companies from classifying being a woman as a pre-existing medical condition and eliminated co-pays for birth control. The Ryan budget would also turn Medicare into a voucher system that would leave seniors, particularly women, struggling to get coverage. In addition, the proposed budget would restructure the way Social Security Living Adjustments are determined, threatening the stability of seniors nationwide. Paul Ryan also seeks to undo sequester cuts to the Pentagon by instead transferring the cuts to already severely impacted domestic programs.

In addition, the Ryan budget isn’t financially sound because it relies on savings from the Affordable Care Act while simultaneously repealing it. Wall Street reforms that aimed at keeping the wealthiest in check would also be repealed. And while the budget proposes to reduce the national debt in a 10 year span by cutting government spending, programs such as education and job skills training that can help create a strong workforce will be the victims of harsh cuts after already detrimental sequester cuts.


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