San Francisco and United Airlines Resolve Dispute Over Domestic Partners

San Francisco City Supervisors unanimously approved a deal with United Airlines on February 10th over a dispute concerning the City’s new domestic partner law. The agreement requires United Airlines to offer health benefits to same-sex partners of their employees within two years. The supervisors had earlier refused to approve a lease for an expansion of United’s facilities at San Francisco International Airport. In approving the lease on Monday, the board approved of United’s offer to provide the benefits within two years. While United originally asked for a 25-year lease, the supervisors agreed on a two year lease, extendible to 23 more years if United did indeed provide the promised benefits. Supervisor Leslie Katz commented on the agreement, “I think it’s setting a precedent for other businesses, small and large, that they can come into compliance; that these are principles of fairness, that we don’t want to contract with employers who discriminate.”


The Los Angeles Times - February 11, 1997

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