Saudi Arabia Launches First Domestic Violence PSA

The King Khalid Foundation (KKF) in Saudi Arabia has launched the first advertising campaign to combat violence against women in Saudi Arabia.

The advertisement features a woman in a niqab with a black eye and a caption that reads “Some things can’t be covered – fight women’s abuse together.” Other versions of the poster feature the slogan “What is hidden, is worse.” The foundation also released a report on the extent of violence against women and children in the country. In the report KKF said, “It’s a phenomenon that is still shrouded in darkness. Anyone who works in security forces knows about it and those who work in social organizations and charity centers can see a part of it… Also, people who work in hospitals and schools can see a fraction of it, but no one knows the exact amount or how much it has spread or the real reasons or actual impact in total.”

Despite advancements, women in Saudi Arabia face limited public involvement. In 2012, the first female members were sworn in to the Shura Council and in 2011, the King granted women the right to vote and run for public office as early as 2015. Despite gaining the right to vote, Saudi women still have to rely on male relatives or paid drivers to travel by car due to a religious edict issued by Muslim clerics. Saudi women are also being tracked by text message.


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