SC: Students Barred From Discussing Abortion in Debates

Because of a state law in South Carolina that prohibits the discussion of abortion and homosexual sex in health class, a high school has removed these topics from a student debate scheduled to take place later this month. The topics were originally approved by the principal, before being struck from the list, reports the Los Angeles Times. The student-run debate is intended to mirror the presidential debates taking place between President Bush and Senator John Kerry. Stem-cell research is another topic that was deemed inappropriate. Administrators at Fort Mill High School have said that “because of South Carolina laws, we cannot discuss such controversial issues as stem cell research, abortion or homosexual marriage,” according to CNN.com. Dale Stuckey, chief counsel for South Carolina’s Education Department, has said that stem cell research is not mentioned in the statute. Subjects approved for the debate include education, taxes, jobs, the war in Iraq, and faith-based initiatives. JOIN the Feminist Majority


CNN.com 10/1/04; Los Angeles Times 10/1/04

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