SCOTUS to Hear Arguments on AZ Immigration Law

The Supreme Court of the United States will hear oral arguments today on Arizona’s controversial 2010 immigration law. The Obama administration has challenged Arizona’s law on the grounds that it conflicts with Federal immigration policy and that the state overstepped its power.

The Arizona law includes tough provisions intended to curb illegal immigration. Controversial parts of the law include requiring police officers to check immigration status when enforcing other laws and prohibiting individuals who are not authorized to work in the US from even demonstrating a willingness to work in the country. Federal judges have already struck down these provisions.

The Supreme Court will not rule on the specific provisions themselves, but rather if states have the right to pass these kinds of laws. Arizona argues that it has been disproportionately impacted by illegal immigration and the state’s lawyer, Paul D. Clement, argues that the law is valid because Arizona is in “an emergency situation.” A decision on the case is said to be released in June.

New York Times 4/25/12; CNN 4/25/12; AP 4/25/12

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