Seminole County Case Could Reveal Fraud

The case against Seminole County Election Supervisor Sandra Goard was strengthened this week as depositions brought witnesses in to bolster the defense’s case. Goard, a Republican, is charged with illegally allowing Republican Party officials to complete 4,700 incomplete Republican absentee ballots, while refusing a similar request to the Democratic Party. One of the key witnesses is WDBO reporter Ken Altieri, who testified that he interviewed Goard on tape saying that absentee ballots without the required voter identification numbers would not be honored. Meanwhile, in an unsupervised room, two workers paid by the Republican Party filled in thousands of incomplete absentee ballot forms. Republican Party regional director Michael Leach confirmed that he completed such forms for at least 15 days, changing more than 2,000 forms. This case could prove crucial to the presidential election, as a 1998 court ruling granted Florida judges the authority to invalidate elections if they found fraud that resulted in a flawed outcome. In Gourd’s Seminole County, George W. Bush led 2-to-1 in absentee ballots.


Democrats.com _ December 4, 2000

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