Sex Crimes Prosecutor Turns Work into Mystery Novels

Linda Fairstein has served as the head of the sex crimes unit at the Manhattan, NY district attorney’s office for twenty-one years. In her job, she is responsible for prosecuting rapes, family violence, sexual assaults and other sex-related crimes. She says that the rewards of her work are enormous. She commented, “My work is with the victims and survivors. They do recover and being part of that process, helping them achieve justice in the system, can be a wonderfully cathartic part of the recovery. It’s endlessly fascinating.”

Recently, Fairstein has turned her experiences into mystery novels, featuring a smart, strong woman who also happens to run the sex crimes unit at the Manhattan DA’s office. Of her protagonist, Alexandra Cooper, Fairstein says, “The character has a good sense of humor. Women people have read about my real job and come to meet me, they expect a serious or grim person. Alex Cooperƒvery much reflects my worldview, which is very optimistic and full of good humor.” Fairstein’s first book was entitled Final Jeopardy. Her newest book, recently released, Likely to Die, is based on a true event: the attempted murder of a doctor in Nashville. Fairstein sets the scene in New York City and has fictionalized the details, but she weaves in events from her own professional experience.


USA Today - June 19, 1997

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