Sex Parties Detailed in Amended Complaint Against Mitsubishi

In an amended federal complaint filed Wednesday (4-17) with the U.S. District Court in Peoria, Ill., attorneys for the women suing Mitsubishi Motor Manufacturing claim that male management and union workers at the plant organized and promoted sex parties several times since 1994, circulating throughout the plant pictures of male employees involved in sex acts with women they had hired.

The company, who is being sued by the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission for the sexual harassment of some 500 women employees, has warned employees that they could lose their jobs if the allegations cause a decrease in sale. The company is providing free buses, a day of full pay and a free lunch for employees who attend a rally outside the Chicago EEOC planned for Monday (4-22) to deny the allegations. Lawyers for the women in the original suit filed in December 1994 say that women have been threatened for suing. A Mitsubishi attorney has asked the court for personal documents on the women, including gynecological records, information on abortions, divorce records, credit card records, and the names and addresses of people with whom they have lived, with the plan to make the documents available to 13 of Mitsubishi’s top executives.


: The Washington Post - April 17, 1996; The Washington Post - April 18, 1996

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