Sex Traffickers Plead Guilty to Fraud and Prostitution Charges

Ten members of an internet-based sex trafficking network were sentenced last week in the United Kingdom after pleading guilty to money laundering and prostitution charges. The group was arrested earlier this year following raids on brothels in Surrey and Central London.

According to the Norwich Evening News, 40 women were recovered during the raids, many of whom are suspected to have been illegally trafficked into England. Allegedly, once they were “bought” by the group, they were told they would have to pay off their debt with money made through prostitution, despite the fact that they rarely saw their earnings.

Human trafficking is a growing problem in Western countries. According to BBC News, a United Kingdom Home Office spokeswoman said the country was prepared to confront prostitution more fully.


BBC News 11/12/2008, Norwich Evening News 11/15/2008

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