Sexes Use Workplace Technology Equally

A study conducted by computing and printing giant Hewlett-Packard and Working Woman magazine found that women’s use of workplace technology is similar to men’s.

Seventy-six percent of both women and men in the “Women in Technology” survey stated in interviews that men and women are equally adept are adopting new workplace technologies. “HP and Working Woman were delighted to discover that women see themselves as equal to men when it comes to using workplace technology — and that men agree,” commented Working Woman’s editor in chief, Bernadette Grey.

The survey also considered how men and women seek technical assistance and how gender biases in girls’ technological education affect adult women in the workplace. More men (50%) than women (39%) say that they try to solve technological problems themselves, rather than ask for technical assistance. More women (22%) than men (10%) would ask friends, family, or non-technical colleagues for help. Researchers found no difference in the percentages of men and women who call for technical support.


Business Wire - January 11, 1999

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