Sexist Campaign Coverage Continues

Sexist coverage of the election did not end when Senate Hillary Clinton (D-NY) suspended her campaign. Earlier this week, Fox News ran a blatantly sexist and racist graphic referring to Michelle Obama as Senator Obama’s “Baby Mama.”

“A producer on the program exercised poor judgment in using this chyron during the segment,” Fox’s Senior Vice President of Programming Bill Shine told the Politico. To which a blogger on Feministing.com responded: “Uh, yeah, I’d say so. (So much for a heartfelt apology).”

The sexist coverage of the campaign has led to a movement to hold the media accountable for their comments. The Women’s Media Center recently launched a joint campaign with Media Matters called “Sexism Sells, But We’re Not Buying It.”. What About Our Daughters also recently launched a website Michelle Obama Watch to follow Michelle Obama throughout the campaign.


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